Get your gardens ready: Our Seed Library has returned for 2022! Shelf-top organizer filled with packets of seeds

BPL currently has a variety of heirloom tomato and pepper seeds, with sunflowers, cucumbers, and beans to come soon. Counting these tiny seeds has proven to be time-consuming work, so we will add more seeds and varieties as quickly as we are able to prepare them.

Community members are welcome to stop in to the library to take a packet or two for their gardens. The seeds are organized and labeled by type and located by our magazines. Growers can save and dry out the seeds from their crops to return to the library for next year if they so choose, but that is not required. The goal is more about providing the community a fun and affordable source of nutritious and sustainable food. These seeds and the gardens they produce also provide hours of activity for individuals and families during the warmer months.

Heirloom seeds produce food that is different from what is found at the local grocery store. Their history is long and rich, with some seeds in our collection having been cultivated for more than 50 years. They are open pollinated, meaning the seeds can be saved on an annual basis.

According to Library Services Specialist II Cathy Fernan, “It’s pretty amazing because you’re starting something from a little tiny seed and then it grows and grows into something you can eat, so you know where your food comes from. You grew it then you harvest it. These heirloom seeds have been around a long time they are different than what you would find at your grocery store.”

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