We continue to get a number of calls each day from patrons concerned that the items they returned are still appearing on their accounts. No need to worry! We quarantine all materials that are returned to us before we check them back in, so there is a lag of up to one week before you will see them removed from your account. To make sure no one accumulates fines as the materials sit waiting, we backdate all items upon check-in.

Why do we wait to check materials in and remove them from your account? If we were to check them in before they are ready to go back on the shelves, they will appear in the catalog to other library users that they are available for checkout, causing a lot of confusion.

This is not to say that sometimes items fail to properly get checked in. So, if after a week, you still see materials on your account, please let us know so we can locate those items and get them off of your account. Otherwise, be patient as your recently returned books, magazines, movies, music, and more hang out in our quarantine area for a little break.

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