Construction on our new drive-up pickup window began in November and is expected to be complete and open by the new year.

What began as curbside pick-up service in May and transitioned to drive-up pick-up in June will soon transform to a permanent, year-round drive-up window—adding convenience and another level of customer service for patrons.

Construction crews modified one of our drive-up book return slots on the south side of the building into a pick-up window to enhance convenience and customer service for our patrons.  When complete, you will be able to pick up your holds materials just by pulling up to the window.

We are excited to provide this new service which will provide another option for our those who use the library. In particular, we believe it will benefit:
* Patrons with mobility issues,
* Patrons who prefer to stay contactless,
* Patrons who prefer not to trudge through slush, snow, rain, and other conditions,
* Patrons who prefer not to wake their sleeping child in the back seat,
* Patrons who have a pet along that can’t be left out in a hot car, and
* Patrons who only have a few minutes to grab and go.

The idea of a drive-up window has been in the works, and was not initially related to COVID. Safety precautions that revolve around a global pandemic, however, created an opportunity to speed up the process.

Once the window is open and officially ready for business, we will make an announcement and provide instructions for use. Want to learn more? Read these FAQs.

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