Stateline Night Writers

Are you a writer who would like to meet other writers for hints, tips, suggestions, and encouragement? Join group leader Jerry Peterson as we work on writing…together.

Fabl Film Night


Free Movie and Refreshments!

4th Wednesday Book Discussion

Join us at the Beloit Public Library for a book discussion of Never Curse the Rain: A Farm Boy's Reflections on Water by Jerry Apps.

BPL/Grinnell Bookies

Join us at Grinnell Hall Senior Center for a book discussion of Never Curse the Rain: A Farm Boy's Reflections on Water by Jerry Apps.

Broadway & Hollywood: Great Musicals

Don Ferguson presents the musical Oklahoma! complete with critique, insights and discussion. Refreshments provided.

Stateline Genealogy Club

"Adoption for the Forensic Genealogist" 2016 Legacy Webinar by Michael S. Ramage. Historical & modern adoption laws & methods that may enable you to uncover hidden adoptions, with real life case studies.