Pay a Late Fee

The fine structure for overdue items borrowed from Beloit Public Library is as follows:

Children’s Books, CDs --  $0.10/day
Children’s DVDs -- $0.25/day
Adult Books, CDs, DVDs  --  $0.25/day
Jackpot Items --  $0.50/day
Vagabond Bears, Hot Spots  --  $1.00/day

  • Fines are charged on all overdue items every day the library is open.
  • Each item has a maximum fine limit of $5.00
  • There is no maximum fine limit per card.
  • When your fines total more than $10.00, you will not be able to check out materials until you pay fines and get your account to under $10.00.
  • Fines may vary for items from other SHARE System Libraries.
  • The fine for all inter-library loan items is $1.00 per day, per item.

Lost or Damaged Items
For lost or damaged items, the Beloit Public Library charges the full price of the item plus any processing fees.