Up North III

A photographic self-portrait of the founding of Beloit's African-American Community

 Photograph Guide

Foundry workers; See guide Fairbanks, Morse and Co. ID Badge Cover of Hill Folks Magazine William Simon Baskin
Shirley Vance Jesse Johnson Willis Bond Clay Neely and two comrades
Robert Hyde and son, Howard Honor Safety Award Group at Foundry Inez Givhan and two unidetified children Civilian Conservation Corps
See guide School children at Merrill School School children at Strong School See guide
Friends at Big Hill Park Friends at Waverly Beach Laura Weatherall, Bill and Jesse Reneau Picnic group
Unidentified couple See guide Billiards room, Edgewater YMCA Party at Charles Hobson's House
See guide Joint Chorus? Fairbanks, Morse Gym See guide Bible study class, Edgewater YMCA
 See guide  See guide  New Zion Church children  See guide
 See guide  Charles Hobson  Oddfellows Lodge and Reverend Ogiss Dillon  See guide
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