Up North

A photographic self-portrait of the founding of Beloit's African-American Community

 Photograph Guide

Lynn and Annie Cameron James, Mary, and Emma Gordon Elmo Ware Calvin and Hosie P. Cameron
 Catherine Cameron  See Guide The Neely Fmaily   The Boyd Family
 Reese White  Mary Pearl Grady  See guide  Ada B. and Inez Johnson
 See guide  John White and family  The Conwell family  Judge and Callie B. Bradford
 James and William Dochier  Walter and Daisy Ingram  See guide  See guide
 Lela, Mary Shelly, and Fanny Baskin  Josephine Vance and Nick Wilkins John and Josephine Vance   See guide
 See guide  Victoria Carter and Sussex Bradford  Mary Mahan and children  John McCord
 Franklin Bradford and friend Kate M. Bradford and Audrey Holley   John Yates and "Queen"  Bernice B. Dochier
 Charles Fraser  Ada Johnson  Bea Grady and Lula White  Curtis Barber, Ernest Hancock, and John Earl Wilson
 Sterling Cameron and Josephine Vance  See guide  Johnnie Johnson and Homer Glover  Next page